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The prestige of a clothing item is not only influenced by the durability and material of the clothing, but also by the decorations and applications, with which we can distinguish our clothes. We offer a range of clothing accessories.

Clothing labels

We produce five types of labels: jacquard, printed, sublimation, flex and thermal transfer.

Depending on the effect that the customer wants to achieve, we use various types of trimming, size and location of the labels. We label both the top part of the garment and use labels on the neck, which is one of the most popular solutions.

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Metka odzieżowa termotransferowa
Etykieta kartnowa do odzieży

Cardboard labels

We produce cardboard labels with logos, slogans or company names that help to maintain brand awareness among customers. Labels are a good and cheap way to distinguish and diversify clothes. We make labels with a string on various types of paper, including natural “eco” paper. It is possible to order any individual shape of cardboard label according to the blanking die. In addition to “eco” labels we also offer a number of additional finishes or enhancements, which will make the label more interesting.

Rubber badges

We offer production of rubber clothing badges – elastomers, otherwise known as “jelly beans”.

We produce badges according to individual customer design in any shape and Pantone colour. Elastomer badges are made of PVC, thanks to which it is possible to apply many layers of colours and obtain convexity and three-dimensionality. The finished badge is sewn onto the garment or glued with a special adhesive. In addition to standard patches, we also offer rubber badges with a fluorescent effect or badges that glow in the dark. Elastomers are durable and water-resistant.

Naszywka gumowa - elastomer
Naszywka haftowana złotą nicią metalizowaną

Embroidered badges

In addition to rubber badges, we also offer embroidered badges made using the computer embroidery method.

Thanks to our professional machines we can precisely create badges in the form of coats of arms, logos or text. The standard base material for embroidered badges is felt in a wide range of colours or denim. Our company mostly produces embroidered badges on caps, uniforms, shirts, sweatshirts as well as workwear. Embroidered badges are an excellent alternative to marking methods such as flex foil, which do not capture the small elements of a design.


Zipper pull labels

We produce zipper pull labels made of soft PVC material.

We produce durable and resistant zipper pull labels for jackets, sweatshirts or bags which are not only attractive but also practical. Our offer includes labels on a string placed in every type of zipper and labels mounted with a rivet in zips sewn into clothes.

Przywieszka do zamka gumowa
Konfekcjonowanie i pakowanie w firmie Reflect

Unit packaging

Every order made in our company is aesthetically packed in transparent protective foils.

When ordering up to 10pcs of any clothing (with or without marking) we provide free of charge unit packing service.

Above 11pcs, the service is chargeable. On a special request of the Customer we additionally place a sticker with the size of the clothing on the foil or we pack the clothing according to sizes.

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