Jacquard, sublimation, flex and thermal transfer labels

We offer the production of clothing labels in four different types: jacquard labels, thermal transfer labels, sublimation labels and flex labels.

Labels are an important element in production and marking of clothing. They give more prestige and create the brand image. Labels are used both in newly sewn garments as well as in catalogue garments where the original manufacturer’s label is removed and replaced with the customer’s label. Labels can be applied both inside the clothing as well as on the outside in order to emphasise the brand.


Metka termotransferowa odzieżowa

Jacquard clothing labels

They are most commonly used in clothing manufacture. Thanks to the use of a noble weaving technique, they are not only very durable but also elegant.

They perfectly reproduce small elements, which is why they are suitable for placing logos or company names. We offer a variety of bulk breaking systems to produce different types of jacquard clothing labels and their trimmings (hanger, flyer, zipper pull label, etc.). The labels are usually sewn into the neck of the clothing. However, they can also serve as a decorative and distinctive element by being sewn on top of seams, at the bottom of the clothes or on sleeves.

  • Minimum production volume: 500 items of one type
  • Maximum number of colours used in the design: 7

Thermal transfer labels

Labels are applied directly onto clothing with the use of a thermal transfer marking method.

Transfer clothing labels are durable and perfectly show the details of the design, while not affecting the comfort of the clothing. Thermal transfer clothing labels are the most cost-effective when the order is over 50 pieces, but we also realise orders for smaller quantities. The final price is significantly influenced by the order volume. The calculation is also influenced by the number of colours used in the design and the size of the label.

  • Minimum production volume: 20 pieces of one type
  • Maximum number of colours used in the design: 6 colours

Satin sublimation labels

They are extremely durable due to a chemical process which permanently penetrates the structure of polyester tape from which they are made. Sublimation clothing labels are perfect for multicolour designs, e.g. logos or gradients.

The print made on sublimation labels is almost imperceptible, thanks to which they are very delicate to the touch. It is possible to order labels from a wide range of sizes and trimming types (double-side pressed ends, asymmetrical pressed ends, hanger, etc.).

  • Minimum production volume: 50 pieces
  • Colour versions: full colour and white tape + black print (shorter lead time)

Flex labels

We produce flex labels which are heat set onto clothing.

Flex tags for clothes are smooth to the touch, therefore they do not affect the comfort of wearing clothes. An unquestionable advantage of flex tags is their application for very small volumes, e.g. 30 pieces in various sizes. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for multicoloured designs or small design elements, such as small, thin letters.

  • Minimum production volume: 1 piece.
  • Maximum number of colours used in the design: one

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