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  1. Depends on the print volume and the method of marking. Detailed lead times will be agreed when placing an order with a consultant. We always try to make the whole order in the shortest possible time, we start the realisation within 24 hours from receiving the order. We have a part of the assortment in our own warehouse – orders for these products will be completed in a shorter time. The realisation of an order may be shorter in the case of an order for clothes without marking as well as in the case of small volumes.

  2. All orders are shipped by DPD courier up to 30kg. Shipping price depends on the country of delivery. The price will be calculated by our Consultant while placing an order.

  3. We present the marking methods in order from the most durable to the least durable: sublimation, computer embroidery, screen printing, flex, flock, latex, DTG digital printing.

  4. All orders are processed based on prepayment. As soon as the order is complete and paid in advance we begin processing the order. Orders that are not paid for will not be processed. We offer our customers to pay by traditional bank transfer, credit card or through PayPal

  5. A single sample of the clothing can be ordered according to the terms of each order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to return or exchange a sample. It is also possible to make a sample print using any method, but in the case of computer embroidery and screen printing, the prepress costs are very high and it is not cost-effective

  6. All the clothing catalogues available from Reflect can be found on THIS PAGE. The catalogues are available in PDF format and can be downloaded on any device.

  7. • Jacquard labels – min. 500 pcs.
    • Printed labels or flex labels – min. 1 pc.
    • Full colour sublimation labels – min. 200 pcs.
    • Sublimation labels (white tape + black print) – min. 1 pc.

  8. If the order is fully paid and completed, we will take a picture of the realisation at the request of the Customer before starting the whole process. In the event of any comments, we will correct the realisation according to the Customer’s guidelines.

  9. The costs of prepress are calculated in the case of embroidery and screen printing. In the calculator, the price always includes prepress costs. The prepress is related to the arrangement of the embroidery programme and adjustment of stitches and density of the embroidery. In the case of screen printing and thermo transfer (indirect screen printing), preparation costs are also included in the price shown in the calculator. The prepress in screen printing includes costs related to the exposure of screens necessary for printing.

  10. In the case of marking methods that do not require prepress costs it is possible to have different overprint designs for a total print volume. In the case of screen printing, computer embroidery or thermal transfer, where additional preparation costs are involved, this is unfortunately not possible.

  11. Reflect only accepts orders based on VAT invoices and does not issue receipts.

  12. Yes, but only if the ordering party is a business entity (company). You can also pay by bank transfer or in cash at the company’s headquarters (cash option only for companies).

  13. Individuals placing an order with Reflect do not need to have a registered business, so any individual is welcome to purchase.

  14. We realise all orders starting from 1 piece. However, in the case of such marking methods as computer embroidery, screen printing and thermal transfer (indirect screen printing), which require the cost of preparation, orders are cost-effective for larger volumes – above 30-50pcs.

  15. Upon request, we provide size charts where the exact dimensions (length, width, sleeve length, etc.) of each size in which the product appears are given. Samples of some products are held in stock in Poznań (Poland). Information about which products from the catalogue can be seen and tried on in the company’s headquarters is provided by the Customer Service staff.

  16. Yes, orders are handled in English. We also issue invoices to foreign companies and provide shipments abroad, both to EU and non-EU countries.

  17. Yes, of course there is such a possibility, after you have informed the person handling the order about your wish to do so. Completed orders can be collected at our headquarters – in Poznań, at 266C Naramowicka Street, entrance A, from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  18. We accept orders starting from 1 piece with the preferred method of DTG digital printing, it is recommended for low volumes and is very cost-effective.

  19. You should send us an email with a description of the marking, the location and breakdown of the graphics, assigning the graphics accordingly to the size. You can also attach a spreadsheet to the email by entering the clothing size in one column and the type of graphic to be made in the next column.

  20. The best solution will be the information in the email correspondence to the employee. You can also change the background of the document to black and then enter the text in white.

  21. The use of black or white printing in the colour of the T-shirt reduces the quality. We focus on print quality, thus using the colour of the T-shirt in the graphic design.

  22. The recommended marking method in this case is embroidery or DTG digital printing.

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