Prints and marking of clothing

Reflect has extensive machinery for printing and decorating clothing. Depending on the print volume and fabric of the clothing, we use various techniques. You can order your own print on T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, caps, umbrellas and other materials. Reflect handles every order from as little as 1 piece. 

International orders are realised throughout Europe. The head office and production plant of Reflect are located in western Poland – in Poznań.


Characteristics of printings

Screen printing

The most durable and cheapest form of printing. Cost-effective for larger volumes (min. 30 pieces).

Each successive colour in the design is more expensive. Screen printing is made with the use of special screens, in which water-based or plastisol inks are used. The price of printing depends on the number of colours used in the design, the size of the print and the print volume. The design of a T-shirt using this method must be consistent and the whole design must be identical for the entire volume. However, you can change the colour of the T-shirt and this will not affect the price. The most durable method of printing. Maximum print area: 35x50cm.


DTG digital printing 

The solution for low-volume or full colour or personalised print projects. No prepress costs.

Direct digital printing is the latest technology for decorating and printing on clothing. The number of colours used in the project is of no significance as the print is made in full CMYK colour scheme (in the case of coloured shirts, a white overprint is applied underneath). This method is the most advantageous for low print volumes as there are no prepress costs. The price of overprint depends only on its size and total volume. In case of this technique, a sweatshirt or a T-shirt may have various designs and in the calculator it is necessary to specify the total volume of the marked clothing. The print is very durable. Maximum printable area: 40×60 cm. Reflect recommends digital printing for those who wish to obtain a multicoloured and long-lasting custom print on a T-shirt.


Flec foil

A technique for applying a monochromatic foil to clothing. High durability. Low print volumes. Ideal for clothing such as jackets, softshells.


Flock foil

A technique of application of a monochromatic foil with a fleck on clothing. High durability. Low print volumes. Ideal for jackets and softshells.


Latex printing

A technique of full colour printing on foil that is subsequently injected onto clothing. High durability. Low print volumes. Certified modern technology. Ideal for clothing such as jackets, softshells.



Full colour print on light polyester materials (e.g. sportswear). No prepress costs. High durability.


Computer embroidery

Embroidering (mainly on polo shirts, fleeces, shirts), using thread, of a graphic design. Superb durability and quality.

T-shirt design with Reflect

The process of designing T-shirts is becoming increasingly popular. We invite companies to cooperate with us in order to effectively create a coherent and recognizable image with T-shirts featuring their own logo. We have cooperated with many well-known brands, so we have all the necessary skills to handle large-scale orders.

Currently, more and more people are dreaming about making a name for themselves in the fashion industry, which can be seen in many creative ideas that are often the origin of the next interesting and thriving brands. T-shirt design with Reflect is an offer addressed both to companies and people with big ambitions connected with their own brand and to everyone for whom a T-shirt with their own photo or print is a unique idea for a gift.

T-shirt with your own photo

Thanks to techniques such as DTG digital printing, each T-shirt with your own photograph can be produced by us with great precision. Our experience and technical possibilities enable us to transfer multicoloured photos onto textiles with attention to the smallest detail. T-shirt with own photograph is a proposal that is always adjusted to individual customer’s needs. We have various printing sizes and a wide range of possibilities when it comes to personalising T-shirts with our customers’ original ideas. We also encourage you to use our generator, which will certainly make it easier to plan in detail your own print on a T-shirt, regardless of whether it is a photo, logo or text.

Koszulka z własnym zdjęciem

Printing on your own clothes

Reflect also offers a marking service for customer’s own clothing. If you would like to print on your own clothing (T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, longsleeve), please deliver the selected items to the company.

Catalogue clothing printing

Reflect also has its own promotional clothing wholesale warehouse, offering over 5000 clothing products from well-known global brands such as Sols, Tee Jays, Russell, James & Nicholson, Fruit of the Loom, Wilson and many others.

Ask for an offer!

What do I need to consider when ordering clothing with marking?

White or coloured T-shirt (also black)?

When it comes to the cost of a custom-made T-shirt and pricing of printing, two colour categories are distinguished: white (which means cheaper printing, cheaper T-shirt) and coloured (all other colours, including black, which means more expensive printing and more expensive T-shirt). The calculator for digital printing and screen printing includes the cost of the white base.

Custom colour T-shirt: the calculator always automatically adds one screen and one colour (white base). If we have a three-colour design for e.g. a purple T-shirt, the calculator will count four screens and four colours (it will automatically add one screen and one colour, white) and it will show the final price. If you decide to design the T-shirts yourself, we recommend that you also use our calculator.



All printing methods are available from a minimum quantity of 1 piece. However, in the case of screen printing and computer embroidery, the price for a single item of printed clothing will be high due to preparation costs. DTG digital printing on T-shirts is more cost-effective for low volumes and multi-colour graphics, whereas screen printing on T-shirts is more cost-effective for higher volumes (starting from 30 pieces) and fewer colours.


Number of prints on a T-shirt 

Each individual T-shirt design involves individual pricing. On one item (T-shirt, polo shirt, sweatshirt, longsleeve) we allow up to 4 prints: front of the shirt, back of the shirt, right sleeve, left sleeve. The number of prints on the clothing affects the final price. The more prints, the higher the price.


Print size

T-shirt design takes into account the declaration of what size range to qualify the print graphics for. The size of the print (width x height in cm) influences the final cost of printing. The bigger the print, the higher the price.


Number of colours used for the print

This issue only applies to screen printing, because for digital printing it does not matter whether one colour or many colours are used in the design, the price remains the same. In contrast, the price of screen printing is strictly dependent on the number of colours used in a given design.

Additional options

Removing the manufacturer’s label + sewing in a jacquard or sublimation label or printing the customer’s label 

Reflect provides a service of removing the manufacturer’s label, which is located on the top inside the t-shirt, and sewing in a jacquard or sublimation label or printing a flex label on the neck of the clothing. We provide this service for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, longsleeves etc. Jacquard and sublimation labels are the most popular forms of labels. Printed or flex labels are flat and in no way “scratch” while wearing the item.


Folding and bagging

This additional service consists of carefully folding a T-shirt or other item of clothing and packing it in a transparent bag. The final size of the folded T-shirt in the bag is 24×30 cm.


Courier shipment or personal collection

We ship by courier in cooperation with DPD company. We send up to 100 shirts in one carton. The price will be calculated when placing your order.

Please refer to Reflect packaging standards.

Washing rules for printed clothing

1. Always wash and iron on the left side.
2. Maximum wash temperature – 40 degrees.
3. Maximum spin speed – 600 rpm.
4. Do not use automatic drying.
5. Do not use extra strong chemicals..

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