The customer is the most important

Our top priority is the needs and expectations of our customers. This is why we are constantly improving our qualifications in the field of manufacturing and marking advertising clothing through foreign events and trainings.

Our customers are the reason why we expand our offer with new possibilities. We invest in the development of our employees as well as our company. Thanks to many years of experience in the advertising clothing market, we offer the highest quality clothing made of high-quality materials.

We offer various shipping solutions tailored to the customer’s current capabilities. As a standard, clothing manufactured or marked in our company is aesthetically packed and protected.


Polityka Jakości firmy Reflect.

Raw materials and quality control

Druk cyfrowy bezpośredni DTG na odzieży.

We make sure that the clothing, inks, as well as the machines we work on meet the highest standards in the industry. We have technologically advanced screen printing carousels of an American company, a professional park of embroidery machines and DTG digital printers.

We appreciate the quality of domestic raw materials, which is why we use knitwear woven and dyed in Poland to manufacture and design our clothing.

Every day the Quality Control Department thoroughly verifies each order. Before the product is shipped to the customer, it is checked in terms of its compliance with the order, quantity, as well as the quality of the marking. Thanks to this customers receive goods which are fully compliant with their order.



Our standards

  1. All clothing products are aesthetically packed and protected against possible damage before being shipped to the customer.
  2. Each order is verified by quality controllers who check the quality of our products and services.
  3. We use high quality foreign raw materials.
  4. We work on American machines.
  5. We bet not only on foreign, but also on domestic quality. That is why we sew clothes made of materials produced in Poland.
Standardy pakowania i konfekcjonowania w firmie Reflect.

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